Dear Partners and Visitors,

As a reliable actor of the domestic market we serve our clients for almost 20 years in the wide technological field of industrial refrigeration.

Confidence of the clients and the continuous expansion of our activity are based on our quality policy, business philosophy and flexible solutions.


All-inclusive service:

You define your needs and we realise them from the designing to the maintenance!

Flexible solutions:

We adapt to your needs on timing, on used appliances and parts, and we present all possible cost effective solutions.


Our aim is the same: your safe functioning!

Our systems’ quality is the key of the effective functioning!

About us

Our profile includes the planning, construction, installation, delivery and maintenance of industrial cooling appliances, the analysis of efficiency, and also the professional reports and support on operation.

We provide you with GEA Grasso’s industrial cooling compressors as well as with their maintenance and service even beyond guarantee.

What we do:

-          overall establishment of ammoniac and Freon cooling systems from design to maintenance

-          design and installation of water cooling appliances and liquid cooling power unit (aggregate)

-          delivery of parts of Kühlautomat and ILKA compressors

-          automation, transformation, enlargement and unfixing of existing cooling systems

-          design and installation of special and unique technical cooling (skating rinks, ice production etc.) regular maintenance and repairing.

-          each phase of our activity is based on/ in line with the quality assurance system laid down by the standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001.


Choose us, because

-          we are reliable actors of the domestic market for 17 years

-          we work with a high professional quality

-          you can rely on us from the designing to the maintenance

-          we have ISO 9001 qualification

we hope that you find our site useful, and you will contact us soon!

Thank you!



GENA Trade Ltd.

H-1105 Budapest

Maláta street 10/B



Phone: +36 1 920 1458

Fax:   + 36 1 920 1459